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Mini Courses December 2019 and January 2020

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Membership and Enrolment 2020
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Language Class Waiting List

Are you interested in one of the classes that is full, or a class that is not on the timetable?

This year we have had great interest in our language classes and some classes are full.  We are happy to timetable new classes, but the minimum number of students in a class is 6.  We are happy to take names of interested students to put on a waiting list.  If there are cancellations from any of the current classes or if there are sufficient numbers of students for a particular level, then we will start the new classes.

Please complete the form below, indicating your name and contact details, the level of class that you are interested in and whether you would prefer a daytime or an evening class.  If vacancies come up or a new class is created, then we will contact you so see if you are still interested.


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What level of class are you interested in?Level
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Class timeDaytime or Evening
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